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Azoomee’s chat feature: best practises to keep your family safe online

Safety and security are our top priority at Azoomee. With this mind, we encourage parents to talk to their children about using chat responsibly. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you know who your kids are talking to
    All connections on Azoomee must be approved by parent/guardians before children can send or receive any messages. We ask guardians to take the utmost care when inviting people or accepting invitations to chat with their children.

  • You can moderate chats
    Parents/guardians can see and moderate all chat conversations in the parent area. We ask that you regularly keep an eye on what their children share. If you see anything inappropriate please discuss this with your children, so they understand your concerns and think about being smart, safe and kind online. Parents/guardians can remove any messages that they deem inappropriate through the parent area. If you are stuck and need technical help please reach out to us at

  • Be careful with your personal information
    It’s important for guardians to talk to children about personal information and what’s ok to share online. Children should not share personal information that is private on Azoomee. This includes passwords, full name, address, phone number, email and school name. Children should also be reminded to ‘share with care’ and pause to think before sending something. We created Search It Up, an animated series designed to help children be smart, safe and kind online. Watch the series on Azoomee!

  • Treat others as you would like to be treated
    It’s the golden rule for a reason! Never say or do anything in Azoomee chat that might hurt someone’s feelings. If you wouldn’t like someone to say something to you, think before you say it to someone else.

  • Talk about it
    Remind children that if they experience or come across anything upsetting on Azoomee, such as mean messages or repetitive negativity that could be cyber bullying, they need to talk about it with a trusted adult. There’s a great episode about this in Search It Up, called ‘She Sent Me a Poo! How Mean is That?’. Why not watch it with your kids now.